Launched in 2011, BLYSS is an indulgence business, built on strong brand resonance and ethical processes and behaviours. The company is fully operational and is driving for sustainable, profitable and cash generative growth, with primary market of Germany, with strong interest coming in from the Gulf and wider Euro Zone.

– BLYSS created: single bean virgin chocolate. BLYSS sells: pure indulgence. – Our cold-grinding process, with more hands than machines, BLYSS preserves the intensity and benefits of natural cacao and the high-purity ingredients into a high quality chocolate.

1. Single bean = Hand grown and managed Arriba Nacionale cacao beans from 3 ecologically sustainable farms in Ecuador. 2. Virgin chocolate = Beans are fermented, dried and ground at low temperatures to maintain nutritional and amazing taste integrity. BLYSS is not only unique in process and ingredient, it’s a high quality luxury indulgence that is healthy, eco and socially aware.

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