Prof. Niels Billou: "Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunities"

Niels Billou, Professor at the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin,  discusses the opportunities of entrepreneurship with Professor Faltin.  In the interview he also talks about the difference between his view of entrepreneurship and profit maximisation.



00:00 “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunities”
02:00 To find or to create opportunities
05:00 Why did Niels Billou start in entrepreneurship?
07:40 Typical traits of entrepreneurs
10:06 the developments of Family Businesses
14:00 Entrepreneurship keeps one going at old age
15:00 His new university in Berlin
16:44 Educational entrepreneur?
18:30 Criticism towards entrepreneurship
20:50 Keeping a positive outlook on things
22:29 The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – an international study
about the attitude towards entrepreneurship globally
24:25 Motivators to become an entrepreneur
27:30 How to further entrepreneurship in Germany

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