Express your Dream


Express your Dream
conducted by Anne Kjaer Riechert
(workshop in english)

New ideas often come from people with wild dreams;
People who are not afraid to use their imagination and give voice to new possibilities.

Visualize your personal dream for your start-up through the medium of a drawing or painting. During the Dream Workshop everyone is to draw or paint about his/her dream, to end the legendary sentence “I have a dream…” There should be no writing in the picture. Finally we have a collection of selected dream drawings.

Anne will first share insights from her 6 years of collecting dreams around the world (20 min). Hereafter the participants will first discuss what it means to dream (20min). Then they will be given the opportunity to visualize their dream for the future (20 min). Followed by a short break (10 min). The participants will end off by sharing the dreams in the group (20min), reflect on the experience, and discuss the potential of working with imagination as a tool of empowerment to achieve innovation (30min).


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