Building recycling the smart way

The September issue of Fast Company (FC) is featuring an article on destruction of unneeded buildings in eastern Germany. A lot of cities have more housing capacity than they need. These “Plattenbau” buildings were designed to fill the housing shortage for workers in East Germany. FC describes the “Plattenbau” as “cheap, durable, easily manufactured buildings…built with precut concrete plates”. The precut plates are now offering a new way into recycling of old “Plattenbau” buildings.

The architects Hervé and Joël Biele use these plates to build modern family homes. That way their company is able to sell houses up to 40% cheaper. The Biele brothers found a solution for a problem and turned it into a new product. On top of that, they are much cheaper than their competitors. More on that topic you will find here (in German).

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