Seth Godin: The top five mistakes entrepreneurs do when they market

via Seth Godin ´s wonderful Weblog (subscribing and reading it will be your best marketing investment..) I found his top 5 entrepreneur-marketing-mistakes-post on (another blog worth subscribing once you´re at it, because it has “killer resource for entrepreneurs”). Please go there to read the explanations for the mistakes.

The top five mistakes entrepreneurs make when they market by Seth Godin

1. Expecting gratitude in exchange for having done something that was hard.
2. Spending money as a substitute for doing something great.
3. Not realizing that it’s your company, and your marketing better be as good as everything else.
4. Listening to other people.
5. Failure to measure.

Seth´s book “Unleashing the Ideavirus” has changed the way many companies – especially entrepreneurs – do their advertising. His latest book “Small is the new Big” (released just a week ago) is about how businesses with light structures and short ways of decision-making will get way ahead of the so called “big companies” – if their business-model makes meaning and serves a real purpose.

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