Raving Guy & the art of pitchin an entrepreneurial design

By now Guy Kawasaki’s ‘the art of the start’ (Amazon | conference) start-up guide book is a ‘modern classic’ in entrepreneurship. As Guy himself puts it, the book contains “time-tested, battle-hardened tactics for anyone starting a company”. Guy just held the keynote presentation at the Fast Pitch Competition of the LA based venture capital and business angel network Tech Coast Angels (TCA), and they were so nice to make the video available online There is quite a ‘formal intro’ with 3 eminent people introducing the event, thanking the sponsors and welcoming Guy. So I recommend you to jump to the beginning of Guy’s speech at min. 11. When you are busy and only wanna see some selected parts of Guy’s presentation, I recommend you to use the really handy navigation available when you click on ‘slide list’. There they have chopped up his elaborated advice according to the slides he uses. This allows for a good overview and enables you to jump to the aspects relevant to you. For everyone who always wondered how west coast tech companies do pitch their world changing, patent pending, super hot start up’s take a look @ the pages about the actual pitch competition (unfortunately the videos were not functioning when I tried, but there are text summaries of the pitches) Lastly let me refer you to the Teach Coast Angels site listing their affiliation with Universities’ “programs to promote the efficient identification, management, development and commercialization of marketable technologies”: University Tech Transfer

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