Entrepreneurship in Berlin and Harvard: Undergraduate Student Lydia Chung shares her experiences

Lydia Chung is an undergraduate student from Harvard University and an intern at the Entrepreneurship Campus. In an interview with Professor Faltin, she shares her experiences in Berlin, observations about the thriving Berlin start-up scene, and how entrepreneurship is approached at Harvard. 


0:00 Introduction
0:37 Interests in Entrepreneurship
1:37 Why Come to Berlin?
2:33 Social start-up scene in Berlin
2:55 Flexibility of ideas
3:30 How observations were made
4:20 Consumer focused entrepreneurship?
5:01 Entrepreneurship in Germany vs. Harvard
5:30 Entrepreneurship through Computer Science
5:55 Hackathon and the creative environment
6:50 Path of entrepreneurship through any major
7:10 Showcase of projects
7:30 Harvard Innovation Lab
8:00 Interactions between students
8:35 Youtube video – Harvard Innovation Lab visit Silicon Valley
11:00 Innovation
11:30 Outside technology, new ideas
12:00 Developing the idea is most important

And here is a link to the Youtube Video shown during the presentation:


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