Entrepreneurship as an guideline for life – Interview with Stephen Culp

Stephen Culp is a Founder of Smart Furniture and believes in an entrepreneurial approach to everything. In 2008 he founded Delegator, Inc., to help growing businesses focus on their core mission and delegate the rest. Then he co-founded Chattanooga STAND, believed to be the largest community visioning effort in history. And in 2010 he started Causeway, an organization designed to support civic entrepreneurism.

00:00 Welcome Mr. Culp, Smart Furniture
00:05 How did you get your Business Model? How did you start with Smart Furniture?
02:20 Design on demand: Customer himself designs his room with a component-system
04:40 Guerilla-Marketing to get attention?
06:55 Customers as ambassadors
07:30 At the beginning he had to many jobs / duties – not recommended
07:55 Better: Focus on entrepreneurial duties and delegate every other job
08:50 Second Business: Delegator.com – result of first business
09:40 Lesson of businesses: do not do everything yourself
10:10 Not expert on furniture
11:10 What is Delegator.com?
12:40 Do you want to be a lawyer again?
13:10 Difference to American culture of entrepreneurship: More acceptability to fail
16:20 Do you become a serial entrepreneur? Do you want to establish a third business?
17:25 Is the goal of an entrepreneur to get rich and never to work again?
20:05 Entrepreneurship is a passion

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